TRx Personal Phone Call Recorder

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TRx Personal Phone Call Recorder

TRx Personal Phone Call Recorder
  Category : Internet -  Communication
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  Platform : Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003,  Windows Vista Starter,  Windows Vista Home Basic,  Windows Vista Home Premium,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Enterprise,  Windows Vista Ultimate,  Windows Vista Home Basic x64,  Windows Vista Home Premium x64,  Windows Vista Business x64,  Windows Vista Enterprise x64,  Windows Vista Ultimate x64  
  Price : USD 19.40  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: 14 Days  
  Date : 02/09/2007  
  Size : 0.35 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
phone recording software, telephone, phone, phones, record, recorder, recorder, recording, call, caller, cid, caller id display, number display, line, lines, call corder, software, program, download,
   TRx is a personal phone line recorder program for Windows. TRx lets you manually record telephone calls on a phone line connected to the voice modem (or other telephony card) of your computer. TRx also works as a caller number ID display system and lets you put calls on-hold (and plays on-hold music and messages). TRx Features ~ Records telephone calls using a voice modem or TAPI telephony device. ~ Displays caller ID of all incoming calls (subject to hardware and telephone network features). ~ Lets you put calls on hold with a hold button (professional music and messages on-hold included). ~ Caller ID logging of all incoming calls. ~ [Optional] Recording-started prompt, recording-stopped prompt, and record tones. ~ Save recordings as wave files or send recordings by email.

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More tags: phone recording software, telephone, phone, phones, record, recorder, recorder, recording, call, caller, cid, caller id display, number display, line, lines, call corder, software, program, download,
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