20 Best Ancestry DNA iOS Apps

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1) Ancestry

Ancestry ancestry dna
Take your Ancestry.com family tree with you everywhere you go.This updated app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad gives you an even better way to take your Ancestry.com family tree with you. Now you can see your entire tree not just names in a more intuitive way. Just log in to your Ancestry.com account from anywhere to access your tree, edit information, upload photos, add a note even add a long-lost family member. Plus, you can see shared trees and view records and source citations on the go. Whether youre a seasoned family history expert or just getting started with ... (Free)By Ancestry.com via

2) Ancestry Lookup

Ancestry Lookup ancestry dna
20 BILLION RECORDS+100 MILLION FAMILY TREESThere`s no better way to find generations of your family and their stories.1. Add what you know.Your name, parents, grandparents, dates, locationsevery detail helps;2. Look for a leaf.Its a hint we may have found something about an ancestor in one of our billions of records. Hints do the searching for you.3. Explore the record.You could discover amazing details about your ancestor to add to your family tree.4. The hints keep coming.The more you grow your family tree, the more hints youll geta loop of discoveries. Plus, we add 2 million records every day.Your ancestors become ... (Free)By Emily Mickens via

3) Genealogy Ancestry

Genealogy Ancestry ancestry dna
RATING: One of the Top Best Apps of 2011 How much do you really know about your family name? Discover the meaning and origin of your Last Name. Features: 1 million Genealogy Ancestry Names available Language supported: English, Italian, Spanish, French, unlimited numberGerman, Portuguese Unlimited number of access for an unlimited number of last name research. Coat of Arms (over 400,000) 99% Last Name Would you like to know the origin of your last name and the Coat of Arms that belonged to your family? Download the app now Give us 5 Stars Thank you (Free)By Ester Baldinotti via

4) My DNA

My DNA ancestry dna
"My DNA" for iPhone/iPod Touch uses your name, birthday & height to create personalized DNA icons. Your genetic barcode. Unique. Colorful. Very cool. Used as profile picture, eSignature, art display & wallpaper."its definitely different and pretty cool looking" - theiphoneappreviewEach persons DNA is unique, like fingerprints. DNA profiling is often used in parental tests or forensics because this genetic barcode identifies a person unmistakably. My DNA utilizes your personal information such as name, birthday and height to create such a barcode, without the need for real blood, hair, or saliva samplesThe pattern of DNA analysis generated by My DNA has ... ($1.99)By H. Rock Liao via

5) Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy ancestry dna
Ancestry Academy videos cover a wide-range of family history topics and offer something for genealogists of all levels.Learn through high quality videos Ancestry Academys extensive library of videos allow you to watch videos and courses when you want, and how you want. Watch a series of videos on a common subject, or pick and choose as you go, with Academy offering suggestions on new videos to watch along the way. Many of our videos are only a few minutes long, allowing you to get the information you need quickly.Best of all, our videos are free All videos and courses on ... (Free)By Ancestry.com Operations Inc. via

6) Irish Family Ancestry

Irish Family Ancestry ancestry dna
The Irish Family Ancestry app is the ultimate research tool for individuals curious to know more about their Irish heritage.Developed in collaboration with Araltas, leading Irish heritage experts in Ireland, each of the 100+ featured names contains a wealth of information, such as:- A detailed family history- Meaning of your family name- Your Family Motto (Original & Translated)- Your Family Crest- Original and alternate name spellings- Geographical origin of your nameWhat`s more:+ You can easily share your family`s heritage with friends & family, including your family crest+ It`s a Universal App (downloads to your iphone & iPad)+ It`s absolutely FREEAnd ... (Free)By Steinbock Applications via

7) Ancestry & Genealogy

Ancestry & Genealogy ancestry dna
The "Ancestry and Geneaology" app is the ultimate iPhone app for everything related to discovering your ancestors and genealogy.The app contains a number of informative sections, explaining the various aspects of tracing your family history and genealogy. The information and suggestions you will find in the app are very clear and easy to follow.The first section of the app contains a welath of information on all thingsrelated to ancestry, and here you can find loads of useful information such as....:: Why you need to explore your past:: Defining Genealogy:: Genealogy and the search for answers:: The Advent of Change:: Research ... (Free)By Glenn Dounavis via

8) Your Ministry and Ancestry

Your Ministry and Ancestry ancestry dna
This App enables pastors, ministers and church leaders to understand the impact ancestral factors have on the lives of men and women of God. A lot of ministers who have failed in the ministry could not really understand the reason(s) behind their failures. Some are even blinded to the fact that they have battles to fight. These battles are deeply entrenched in the foundations of many ministers of the gospel and if something is not done urgently, many more will die miserably without fulfilling their destinies. While the battles and challenges faced by those who are not ministers are ordinary, ... (6.990)By Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Virginia via

9) DNA A to Z

DNA A to Z ancestry dna
DNA From A to Z turns your mobile device or tablet into a tool for learning, organizing and navigating through the quickly advancing fields of molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, genomics and the science of DNA. This app is meant for not only the beginner but also the technically savvy professional to serve as a guide or starting point for your search and help you sift through the many topics related to DNA . The content is organized with superior features such as navigation within entries and links to the web. Its your DNA, your health, so why not have a ... ($9.99)By AACC via

10) Genealogy - Trace Your Ancestry

Genealogy - Trace Your Ancestry ancestry dna
The "Genealogy - Trace your Ancestry" app is the ultimate app for everyone who is interested in genealogy and tracing their family history.The app is full of useful information for everything related to genealogy and tracing your ancestry.The app is broken down into 4 sections, each of which is jam-packed with great information that will be very useful for your for your own personal genealogy activities.The first section of the app is called the "Genealogy Guide" and contains a wealth of great information including details on ...Automated GenalogyCulture Genealogy SocietyDNA GenealogyFamily GenealogyGenealogy Book ResearchGenealogy ... ($0.99)By Gap Web Agency Limited via

11) My Ancestry Profile & Heritage

My Ancestry Profile & Heritage ancestry dna
Curious about your heritage? Did you know that just several pinpointed questions can help determine where you`re from?It all begins with you: My Ancestry Profile is a no-subscriptions app whose algorithm can make a quick prediction about someone`s heritage.Take a photo - complete a small quiz - trace your ancestry down to its most likely starting points.No subscriptions or account required Try this app on yourself, a relative or a friend, My Ancestry Profile works quickly to predict your origins.My Ancestry Profile & Heritage features:+Personalized questionnaire to narrow your report results+Advanced algorithm assists in region detection+AI photo face detecting+A futuristic ... (Free)By Steve Byczek via

12) Genealogy - Uncovering Your Ancestry

Genealogy - Uncovering Your Ancestry ancestry dna
Discover the Secrets to Uncovering Your HeritageWouldn`t it be fantastic to find your family can be traced back to an ancient royal lineage?Are you or someone you know interested in tracing your family background?This book covers everything there is to know about genealogy.You`ll uncover a wide array of tips, including guidelines on how to unravel your family history.This Is Just "A Sneak Peak" At What You`ll Discover With This Book:Discover why you should explore your past.Learn how to trace your history.Discover some of the tools that will help you with your journey.Learn how this research can benefit your family.Discover modern ... ($0.99)By AppWarrior via

13) Geno 2.0 - Ancestry DNA Test

Geno 2.0 - Ancestry DNA Test ancestry dna
National Geographics Geno 2.0 DNA Analysis kit, powered by Helix, uses cutting edge science to help you answer the fundamental questions of life: Who am I? Where did I come from? And what does it mean to be human? Now, the Geno 2.0 app is bringing your story to life as only National Geographic can, delivering your results in new and compelling ways, starting with your own customized video that you can share on Facebook with your family and friends. Other app features include:-Customized regional ancestral results showing your individual ancestral makeup-Customized and shareable results video telling the story of ... (Free)By National Geographic Partners, LLC via

14) Tree Me - Face Scan & Ancestry

Tree Me - Face Scan & Ancestry ancestry dna
Tree Me Ancestry Database, with FaceScan Technology is here Have you ever wondered what your name means? Construct your own family tree based around it, and learn its meaning along the way. Find suggested relatives who you may be related to Try the FaceScan feature to find individuals you closely resemble. Don`t miss out on all the information that makes you YOUA subscription or trial subscription is required to use the features of Tree Me. Subscription to Tree Me Ancestry Database and Lookup allows access to the full database, face scan, and chat. Account will be charged for renewal within ... (Free)By Tree Me, LLC via

15) HumanBodyCellsDNAQuiz

HumanBodyCellsDNAQuiz ancestry dna
This app has 30 Questions and Answers about Human body Cells and DNA.Great information for Science students and everyone.The topics covered are :DNARNADNA strandsCovalentChromosomesDNA replicationPyrimidinesEukaryoticGenomeNucleases. ($0.99)By webcreatorhub inc via

16) Irish Roots - Your Family`s Ancestry and Heritage in Ireland/Eire

Irish Roots - Your Family`s Ancestry and Heritage in Ireland/Eire ancestry dna
The Irish Roots App is the first step on your way to discovering your Irish heritage. It includes a brief introduction to your family`s history, gives your family motto and the meaning of your name. Most importantly, you can share your coat of arms, print it off or save it for later. It has been developed with leading Irish heritage experts Araltas.The app contains over a hundred Irish names, but please make sure yours is in the list before downloading:B - Barry Boyle Bradley Brady Brennan Browne Buckley Burke ByrneC - Callaghan Campbell Carroll Casey Clarke Collins Connolly Crowley Cullen ... ($2.99)By Steinbock Applications via

17) DNA to RNA

DNA to RNA ancestry dna
DNA to RNA is a DNA to RNA code converter that converts DNA code to mRNA code, or you could switch and convert mRNA code to DNA code. You are able to generate an abundance of code quickly and then copy it for whatever use you have for it. Get the DNA to RNA app today to convert DNA and mRNA code instantly and easily on the go (Free)By Kewl Pro via

18) B1nary DNA

B1nary DNA ancestry dna
Show your friends your smarts by showing them the future of hard drives... DNA B1nary DNA is the worlds first application available to the public that does what only scientists in labs have ever done, translate text into DNA codeThat`s not all Share coded messages with your family and friends via Facebook, twitter, and text messaging. B1nary DNA is place to go on iPhone to code and decipher messages written in both binary and DNA code. (Free)By David Ulbrich via

19) DNA Enc

DNA Enc ancestry dna
DNA enc: The DNA is a nucleic acid that containsthe genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms with the exception of some viruses.The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints, like a recipe or a code, since it contains the instructions needed toconstruct other components of cells, such as proteins and RNA molecules.You can learn and study in the DNA enc topics like: DNA PropertiesChemical Modifications, DNA Profiling, DNA Sequencing, RNA World HypothesisDNA Repair, etc, and much more ...The topics covered ... ($0.99)By MauNelly via

20) DNA Enc HD

DNA Enc HD ancestry dna
DNA Enc: The DNA is a nucleic acid that containsthe genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms with the exception of some viruses.The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints, like a recipe or a code, since it contains the instructions needed toconstruct other components of cells, such as proteins and RNA molecules.You can learn and study in the app topics like: DNA PropertiesChemical Modifications, DNA Profiling, DNA Sequencing, RNA World HypothesisDNA Repair, etc, and much more ...The topics covered by ... ($0.99)By Rabanitos via




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