20 Best Printing On Fabric iOS Apps

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1) fabric

fabric printing on fabric
fabric for iPhone & iPadThe fabric app lets you stay connected with one of Londons iconic nightclubs. Buy tickets, surf the fabric Blog, stream music and more- Listings: Access new and updated listings quickly and easily- Tickets: Get tickets delivered directly to your device- fabric Blog: Surf the acres of content, interviews and music published daily- fabricfirst: Access and maintain your fabricfirst account quickly and easily- fabricfirst Audio: Stream exclusive audio recorded at the club- Interactive Map- fabric Store: Purchase CDs and merchandise (Free)By fabric via

2) Fabric

Fabric printing on fabric
FabricFabric13Wi-Fi ()By DreamNet's, Inc. via

3) Hanan Fabric

Hanan Fabric printing on fabric
Perniagaan ini diterajui oleh sebuah syarikat Bumiputera sejak 2004 lagi sehingga kini.Konsep perniagaan adalah lebih kepada Mengimport dan Membekal produk kain berkualitikepada peniaga dan pemborong di Malaysia, Singapore dan Brunei.Mengambil kira permintaan tinggi dikalangan perniaga sambilan, peniaga online dan usahawanyang baru berjinak-jinak dengan bisnes ini, kami membuat satu anjakan paradigma denganmemberi tawaran bisnes berkonsep Mentor-Mentee Stokis.OBJEKTIF : Memupuk semangat usahawan secara berperingkat melalui konsep bekal, bantu dansokong. Pelan pemasaran yang telah diatur untuk sekurang-kurangnya 2 tahun akan memberibanyak kelebihan kepada rakan niagauntuk bersaing dan membiasakan diri dengan pasaransedia ada dan akan datangKami juga bermula secara kecil-kecilan dari rumah sewaktu mula-mula ... (Free)By SME Cloud Sdn Bhd via

4) Fabric Calc

Fabric Calc printing on fabric
Developed with garment industry professional Kathleen Fasanella of Fashion-Incubator (www.fashion-incubator.com), Fabric Calc is an essential tool for sewn product industry professionals.This utility will be invaluable whenever or however youre sourcing (but especially at fabric shows), costing across the board and even being able to give quotes on the fly. This will be useful for anyone who deals with fabric and product costs, from designers and pattern makers to marker makers and production sewing rooms. - Kathleen FasanellaWith Fabric Calc, you can:Calculate the yardage needed when purchasing fabric of different widthsCompare fabric pricing to see the better buyCalculate varying fabric widths ... ($14.99)By Bite-Size Bytes, Inc. via

5) Bonding Fabric

Bonding Fabric printing on fabric
Companies using composite formula: glue, PU, flame sponge processing, engaged in garment fabric composite processing, high-grade furniture, textile fabrics such as:sherpa fleece, polar fleece, suede, knitted fabrics, plush, denim, polyester pongee , sponge, PVC, EVA, TPU, TPFE, SBR, CR breathable film), according to customer requirements to develop differentiated products, with multifunction devices, with a variety of different characteristics of the fabric processing, two or more than three can be complex, the product has a unique breathable, moisture, shock, wind and warm, washable performance, fabric feel super soft, feel rich, even after repeated folding, washing, fabric remains soft and delicate, never ... (Free)By zhang dou via

6) Crafty Fabric

Crafty Fabric printing on fabric
`Crafty Fabric` helps you to calculate the size of the piece of fabric you need for a cross-stitch design.Simply input the horizontal and vertical (across and up) stitch count, the fabric count you want to stitch it on and the margin you want on each side (we recommend 3"). Select if you`re stitching over one thread (aidas) of fabric or over two (evenweave and linen unless you`re stitching a design over one).`Crafty Fabric` will then work out the total size of the piece of fabric you need.The Crafty Kitten is a UK based (worldwide shipping) hand-dyed fabric company specialising in ... (Free)By Westward IT Limited via

7) Fabric Converter

Fabric Converter printing on fabric
Don`t pay for too much fabric Use this handy conversion app to calculate how much fabric you need in alternate widths. Say you find the perfect fabric for your project but its 60" wide and your pattern only goes up to 45" - just type in the original width and the original yardage and you`ll instantly see how much fabric you would need in 36", 44-45", 52-54", 58-60" and 72" wide. No maximum yardage, works for any length (Free)By SpecterWeb.com via

8) Candy Fabric

Candy Fabric printing on fabric
Making ice cream can be lots of fun and why not use your very own candy fabric factory to make it with this cooking game This time management game is lots of fun and allows you to make ice cream and candy as you work your way through completing the levels. All you have to do is race against the time to create your customers orders by matching them with the orders in the order box Once you have completed your orders successfully you can easily move up in the levels until you are pumping out your ice cream for ... (Free)By BWEB SARL via

9) Fabric Innovation

Fabric Innovation printing on fabric
LYCRA brand digital tools archiveLYCRA is a trademark of INVISTA (Free)By AppHosting.it via


FABRIC WEIGHT printing on fabric
A simple tool to calculate the weight of a woven fabric by entering the fabric construction into the fields provided.The warp and weft counts are English cotton counts. Width is the width of the fabric. Warp and weft crimps are in percentage. A choice of either inch (default) or centimeter units is provided for Ends, Picks and Width fields.A sample default construction is shown when the app starts and can be regenerated by clicking the "Reset" button. Fabric parameters can be edited by clicking on the fields and typing the value on the pop-up keypad.Clicking on the "Calculate" button shows ... ($0.99)By DEEPAK BANERJEE via

11) Fabric ONE

Fabric ONE printing on fabric
Fabric ONE begins an exploration of the subtle variations of fabric draping and lighting angle available using a tabletop setup and a few simple props.The D800 ISO 25K (max) image sensor allows me to use low temperature(solid state) lighting that can be placed in direct contact with delicate fabrics without damage.The app contains over 100 images which can be easily browsed, shared, and saved on device as wallpapers. allows individual pages to be bookmarked and saved to the camera roll/photostream for use as wallpaper.For more information and photos please visit richardferrante.com (Free)By RichardFerrante.com via

12) Fabric Stash

Fabric Stash printing on fabric
With FabricStash you can keep your entire stash, no matter how big, in the palm of your hand. Its easy, just snap a photo of your fabric, enter as many details as youd like, and youre ready to go With fabric stash you can:-Match old fabrics with new using large, full color photos- no more carrying fabric samples while shop-hopping.-Create project lists, allowing for easy access to a list of the fabrics youve gathered for your next project, or used in past projects.- Organize and view your stash by color, style, manufacturer, line or project.-Keep track of exactly how much ... ($3.99)By Blueshift Software, LLC via

13) ✄ Fabric U ✄

✄ Fabric U ✄ printing on fabric
On-the-Go Guide to Dress, Quilt, Craft FabricsThis updated app will give you on-the-go information about more than 120 well-known fabrics. Hyperlinks and links to video will help identify the best fabrics for a:skirtdresscoatcurtainstoteblouset-shirtquiltother do-it-yourself projects (DIY) such as totes, curtains, etc.sewing tools and washing instructions for all fabricsAbout the AuthorAn ardent fabric collector, Mary Beth Klatt learned how to sew as a child. She didn`t pick up the skill again until later in life. Now nearly her entire everyday wardrobe consists of dresses, sweatercoats, skirts and tops she has sewn ... ($2.99)By Sutro Media via

14) Hotopia

Hotopia printing on fabric
- Hotopia is a remote control App for fabric heater products. Hotopia App can display and control two fabric heaters simultaneously. - Support off-line mode to test App without external bluetooth fabric heater or bluetooth battery products (two virtual bluetooth batteries) - Display fabric heater's battery charging level - Display and control fabric heater's temperature output level - Support auto connection with fabric heater(paring mode) - Support BLE 4.0 to connect fabric heater (Free)By FORCEN Co.,Ltd. via

15) AccuQuilt

AccuQuilt printing on fabric
AccuQuilt offers quilters, fabric crafters and retailers a premiere line of fabric cutters, dies, quilting patterns and other quilt and fabric cutting solutions that help quilters quickly and accurately cut shapes for quilting and fabric crafts. Cutting with AccuQuilt cutters is a natural evolution of fabric cutting methods. First scissorsthen rotaryfinallyAccuQuilt for fast, easy, accurate fabric cutting. (Free)By Magento via

16) Labo Fabric Friends - making and playing with fabric animal crafts

Labo Fabric Friends - making and playing with fabric animal crafts printing on fabric
Keep your kids happy for hours, making and playing with 11 fabric crafts & 6 mini games.In this app, there are 11 templates guide children using fabric scraps to make adorable animals, and 6 mini games with endless fun.[Video]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9JnK54GblwIt`s for kids 4-7.Features:111 animals templates: bear, rabbit, pig, fox, sheep, elephant, lion, deer, panda, pegniun;2simple yet real cutting and sewing operations;315 glasses and hats to decorate the animals;46 games with endless fun: hide and seek in castle, pogo stick, tomato fight in forest/castle, music rhythm game, rock-paper-scissors, word & number game;5. Save crafts to gallery, unlimited.- About Labo Lado:We are ... ($0.99)By Labo Lado Inc. via

17) Cross Stitch Calculator

Cross Stitch Calculator printing on fabric
NEW: Search the App store for "Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator Pro" by Goatella, for the ad-free version of this software, just 99 centsThis application helps cross stitchers determine what size fabric they need before starting a project. You enter your stitch count, the fabric thread count, and an optional border. You are then told what size fabric you will need for your project. Optionally, we also calculate the fabric size if you are stitching over two threads.Never buy the wrong size fabric againMade for StitchingTheNightAway.com (Free)By Goatella via

18) Son of a Pixel - Photo Printing. High Quality, Eco-Friendly Printing

Son of a Pixel - Photo Printing. High Quality, Eco-Friendly Printing printing on fabric
Print your photos from your phone in a cool sphere . Eco-friendly printing. Made in Downtown LA.NEW Pixel Sphere includes 17 picturesNEW Framing mechanism to display your photos.100% sugar cane paper, organic soy based inkTree-less eco-friendly printing.No glue nor tape. We spent days figuring out the best way to design our products.Son of a Pixel brings your favorite pictures to life in innovative shapes and styles. We offer various shapes and styles of picture enjoyment. Our innovative approach to photo printing, allows you to enjoy your favorite images from a whole new perspective.Our app allows you to easily print your ... (Free)By Son of a Pixel, Inc. via

19) FabricCalc - Lite

FabricCalc - Lite printing on fabric
Fabric Calc allows designers to calculate fabric yardage for commonly upholstered pieces based on dimensions.Input the dimensions of common pieces of upholstery width, depth and height and Fabric Calc provides the estimated yardage required.This App is invaluable to designers, upholsterers, fabric stores, or anyone interested in estimating fabric for an upholstery project.The yardage provided is an estimate. The exact yardage should be confirmed by your fabricator or manufacturer. (Free)By Vincent Moody via

20) She N Style Ethnic

She N Style Ethnic printing on fabric
Indian ethnic wear - A true identity of the Indian CultureSingapore & WorldwideSilk is an irresistibly gorgeous fabric, one of the most popular bridal fabrics because of its texture and fantabulous colour qualities .Our site is all about silk and we cater to the needs of silk lovers. We have variety of silk sarees and suits from different parts of India. We do fabric printing also on any plain silk saree chosen by the customer. (Free)By Janani Gopalakrishnan via




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